My name is Andrue Coombes, and I live in the State of Massachusetts. There are 298 towns and 53 cities in Massachusetts. It's my goal to visit each and every one of these places, take a picture of myself with the "Entering ___" sign, and interact with both the social and physical geography of the area. In this blog, I will write a story about my visit to each place, and things I did there, as well as post pictures and other things of interest. Hopefully I will complete this within the next few years, and everyone can notice how beautiful things can be in their own state if they just get out of and experience them! Good luck on all of your travels!

-Andrue Coombes

Monday, May 24, 2010


Newbury is an old town on the coast of the North Shore. It is mainly residential now with many beautiful antique houses, and views of the water. There are also abundant marshes, and very green areas. While driving, we passed by the Governor's Academy, which apparently, was originally called the Governor Dummer Academy. The school changed their name in 2006 to avoid taunts from other schools, and also to propell the schools name further and get more exposure. I think it's pretty funny that a school established in 1763 would have such a fuss over the name nearly 250 years later.

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