My name is Andrue Coombes, and I live in the State of Massachusetts. There are 298 towns and 53 cities in Massachusetts. It's my goal to visit each and every one of these places, take a picture of myself with the "Entering ___" sign, and interact with both the social and physical geography of the area. In this blog, I will write a story about my visit to each place, and things I did there, as well as post pictures and other things of interest. Hopefully I will complete this within the next few years, and everyone can notice how beautiful things can be in their own state if they just get out of and experience them! Good luck on all of your travels!

-Andrue Coombes

Monday, May 24, 2010


Boxford is a town nestled in the forest, filled with cute, old houses, and people! It is home to the Tyler Homestead, also known as WITCH HOLLOW FARM! The Tyler Homestead is a very famous haunted house, where a supposed witch from Boxford named Rebecca Eames said she was bewitched near. It's also home to the Boxford Community Store, known as "Jack's" or "Wayne's" depending on who you ask. Boxford is a small little town with a very decentralized population, the kind you see out in western Massachusetts. We stopped on the side of the road next to the river to take this picture, and we were terrified of the traffic coming up so closely! The sign here, if you can tell in the picture, is an old wooden town sign, as opposed to the newer metal ones. You can tell by the significant wear and tear on both sides.

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