My name is Andrue Coombes, and I live in the State of Massachusetts. There are 298 towns and 53 cities in Massachusetts. It's my goal to visit each and every one of these places, take a picture of myself with the "Entering ___" sign, and interact with both the social and physical geography of the area. In this blog, I will write a story about my visit to each place, and things I did there, as well as post pictures and other things of interest. Hopefully I will complete this within the next few years, and everyone can notice how beautiful things can be in their own state if they just get out of and experience them! Good luck on all of your travels!

-Andrue Coombes

Monday, June 21, 2010


In the search for the elusive town of Gosnold, I came across a wonderful little town that I have been to before, Mashpee! Mashpee is a cozy cape town with a rich history. It is said that when Mashpee was settled in 1658, the missionaries that were there tried to coexist (somewhat) with the natives that lived there. Conflicts arose due to the fact that Europeans came in and sorta told the Wompanoags that they would only be able to live on a little square of land far away. The Native American pride still runs through this town as they have an Annual Pow Wow, which I believe I have once attended.

Mashpee is home the extremely expensive Mashpee Commons, which I think I may have once bought a Candy Bar at, but probably for about 12 times the cost of one at Shaws.

Mashpee is also home to the Mashpee Wompanoag Tribal Museum, which just this month, reopened to the public, after nearly ten years of being closed. It is located on Route 130 in Mashpee.

Also located on Route 130 is the 4-H Club Camp Farley, which I stayed at overnight for a week in 1999. While it would most definitely be rad to be outdoors in the wild now, when I was 8 years old, it was such a traumatizing experience! There were spiders on everything I owned, I fell down the side of a hill and hit some rocks resulting on a large scar on my knee, and I refused to change my clothes due to bugs. It was also the first place I ever heard a reference to Juggalos, which was quite bizarre as well. All in all, Mashpee is a fun place.

Fun Facts:
-Mashpee is the ONLY town on the cape that hasn't had a railroad running through it!
-The name Mashpee comes from the native name "mass-nippe" which means "Great" and "Water", a reference to Wakeby Lake!
-85 Percent of the Wompanoag People live within 20 miles of the Wompanoag Tribal Museum!
-Camp Farley both scared the crap out of me (literally, my parents had to bring me extra clothes) and made me realize that the outdoors can be fun if you know what to do. Thanks?

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