My name is Andrue Coombes, and I live in the State of Massachusetts. There are 298 towns and 53 cities in Massachusetts. It's my goal to visit each and every one of these places, take a picture of myself with the "Entering ___" sign, and interact with both the social and physical geography of the area. In this blog, I will write a story about my visit to each place, and things I did there, as well as post pictures and other things of interest. Hopefully I will complete this within the next few years, and everyone can notice how beautiful things can be in their own state if they just get out of and experience them! Good luck on all of your travels!

-Andrue Coombes

Monday, June 21, 2010


Alright, so I know I haven't been updating in a while, but I must start up again. Carver is a town bordering Plymouth. Carver is home to many awesome things! Including King Richards Faire, a totally rad Renaissance Fair that I went to a few times back when I was in High School. It's full of awesome entertainment, and a really expansive Renaissance experience. Theres giant turkey legs for sale, as well as period clothing and items. I should probably go back this year. In any case, King Richard's Faire is Located at 235 Main Street.
Carver is also home to the Edaville Railroad! It is whats known as a heritage railroad, which is a preserved railroad from the glory days of Rail Travel. I personally think trains are awesome, and I highly suggest paying a visit to Edaville if you dig old trains, or nice old fashioned amusement parks. If you wanna check it out, Its located at 5 Pine Street.
Carver is also home to an awesome pizza place called Santoro's that I once ate at with my mother. I love little pizza places, and this one is just great! Everyone there is super friendly, and would love for you to stop by! It's located at at 90 North Main St.
Carver has wide expanses of open fields, streams, and bogs all along the highway and streets. If you like quaint little towns that are a stones throw away from the ocean, check out Carver! Love Y'all!

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